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Old 20th March 2009, 02:40 AM
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Default False Private Revelation #70: Allan Rudio

FPR #70 - Allan Rudio --

Is a young teenage boy on the early 1990’s witness a supernatural manifestations happening at his rundown apartment in a district of Manila. Son of a soldier and a migrant-worker mother, his 2nd floor bedroom has a small elaborate altar with several small plaster-of-Paris images, very typical of a devote Filipino family homes.

His less-than-a-foot image of the Holy Infant Jesus has a dried drop of blood in it’s cheek. At that time of my complete ignorance, I accepted it as a work of God. I frequented his place during my 2-month semester break from my teaching job in Los Angeles. I returned home a promoter- witness of Allan Rudio and also as a leader in preparing “blessed grapes.”

Seemingly endless series of “Divine Messages” were given to Allan Rudio during the “frequent apparitions to him by the Blessed Mother” beginning on the early 1990’s. Allan Rudio also claims he, along with other visionaries around the world regularly meet together at “some place somewhere” so they all know each other very well. At that time, similar phenomenon were likewise going on in every part of the world seemingly coming from Heaven. Most people then believed heaven is sending a horde of visionaries to prepare for Second Coming, prompting speculation it will be on the year 2000.

A lot of fresh blood accompany Allan Rudio. He receives Communion which turns into bloody substance on his tongue. I witnessed it. So I became a firm believer just like most people around - but whom the Catholic Church ignores. Allan’s mother would also show us blood smeared on the bed linens he slept on - convincing us this boy has a hidden stigmata.

Marian devotees flocked; beautiful hymn were sung with instruments, holy rosaries recited frequently on the site. The prayerful atmosphere is so glorious! Giant Marian statue was erected and a healing water spring is claimed to have miraculously appeared within the premises.

Copies of the messages were distributed, carefully stamped, guarded and authenticated. But those messages are rather filled with horrific warnings. Among the messages as I try to remember now:

1. To place crosses and other sacramentals on every door and windows to repel evil spirits as the days of tribulation are coming soon. Dates of Chastisements will come with very, very, very soon. The word “very” is used three times!
2. An instruction from the Blessed Mother to cast a particular new type of medal to be worn by everyone.
3. New prayer formulas and a new title were given, something like the “Virgin of the Brown-raced People” which immediately appealed to the Filipinos as if they are being directly patronized by heaven.
4. Instructions for the “blessed grapes, blessed candles, black drapes to cover every window openings.” On and on the messages were fearful and were about the “end-times.”

But to me, the most peculiar - are the timing of the apparitions! Physically exhaustive. Anywhere from late evenings, to the early hours of dawns. Something that only a dozen can stay due naturally to work commitments. Those who waited would steal time from their jobs and find hidden nooks catch sleep. I know someone who quit a lucrative but demanding career to devote full time to Allan Rudio. Once I fell asleep going home at dawn and missed my stop.

But one message in particular would later make me cry profusely and wail so loudly. I visit Manila oftentimes for my disabled niece, Pearl. After I left, she fell and went into a coma and died on January 1995. There was no description how I wailed and cried, more so because of a horrific message given in 1994. “The year 1995 will be a year of sorrow, young children will be taken up so as to spare them from the coming tribulation.” thinking I was among the first to be affected, and I bitterly wept in utter desperation, robbed of any spiritual consolation by that message.

See a man wailing so wild and loud like a woman - but that was me; a copy of the message was like a bomb I was holding that exploded on my face! In retrospect now, they’re a mere coincidence but the deception of that message is like a great earthquake preceding a tsunami. I was devastated twice as bad!

Back in Los Angeles I nevertheless became a promoter and was invited to speak in a prayer group. The eyes of my audience reveal their fears. I showed instructions from Allan Rudio on how to make ‘blessed grapes.’ In Manila, it’s hard to find a priest to bless the grapes. A friendly priest I approached did agree to bless mine only as a condition to bless it as a mere food - not for anything wacky!

The Warning date revealed to Allan Rudio, August 22, 1995, is on a feast of Our Lady’s Queenship. That she must finally be recognized by the entire world is the great emphasis, and so I was able to convince a most reluctant and prudent holy priest - with my solid insistence. Many people were carried over. When it failed to happen his popularity collapsed even as so many excuses and blames were given.

One anecdote I should not fail to mention is: Allan Rudio is later seen wearing cosmetics and began cross-dressing, to the shock of many… and derision of others… and even with laughter and jokes Some are quick to defend he is simply monkeying around! Even devout lady I know of went bananas but still on Allan’s side, counseling and refuting Allan Rudio when he insists “Mama Mary wants me to become a woman!”

Unbelievable but true, for some, they still patronize Allan Rudio and continue to defend that he is an authentic visionary who simply made a mistake. They believe the prayer formulas given at the apparitions can only come from heaven. The water spring that sprung out they accept as a proof. So they put up a giant Marian statue. They cannot possibly think what fallen angels can do. People are so confused they cannot evaluate the True or False. As I used to be.

Thanks to Ron Conte for his analysis.
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Old 20th March 2009, 02:31 PM
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“The year 1995 will be a year of sorrow, young children will be taken up so as to spare them from the coming tribulation.”

What a vague prediction, typical of false private revelations. Thousands of children (and people in general) die every day, now imagine during one complete year.

...and when he gave a specific prediction ("The Warning in 1995), it did not happen.

The devils use many tricks to deceive people so we must not follow any "prophet" because of his wonders but we have to be very watchful and faithful to the Church.

It is of great benefit for us how Providentially we have found Ron's site, a well prepared Theologian, who can advert us no to follow false revelations.
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Old 21st March 2009, 12:20 AM
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It's good to know that you have opened your eyes now and you have the discernment to know the truth...Thank God for Ron!

God bless,

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