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Old 29th February 2008, 01:12 PM
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Default "in such n era...

those who challenge the status quo seldom go unpunished."

A friend sent this to me and I thought it was worth sharing. There apparently is a new documentary that will be coming out in March, in which Ben Stein investigates how the Universities, Educational intuitions’ and Society as a whole have put down the Intelligent Design Theory and even discriminated against any one teaches it.

The first clip is a preview of the movie. The you tube clip is a Ben Stein interview with Bill O’Riley of Fox news.

God bless.

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Old 29th February 2008, 04:52 PM
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Interesting, I gotta see that movie. Thanks for sharing!

Peter Kreeft, explains it pretty well in the following article called "Reasons to Believe":

Furthermore, one can feel the plan of God in our lives when we notice that something we experienced and learned before (lead by Providence, not by our separate will), is useful for us today and, similarly, our learning process of today can serve us for tomorrow like everything has been symmetrically planed. Also, when our prayers are answered at the right time and not as we expect it but even in a more adequate way. So God exist, we may not see Him (yet), but we can surely feel Him.
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Old 29th February 2008, 07:56 PM
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How can one explain that when creatures give birth to babies, those new creatures come out naturally 'cute'?... this gives the instinct and desire of the parents to protect the new born baby. This does not happen only in humans but in animals as well. If one takes a look at a teeth, one sees that even a teeth has different layers and each layer has a purpose, look at our nails, even our nails have a purpose when trying to grab things, our bodies are complex mechanism, so all these little details can not have happened by mere chance but were well thought by a Superior Intelligent Being Who designed it.

If believing in this has the title of Intelligent Design believer, then I think I'm one.

I was reading Ingelligent Design from wikipedia trying to get more information regarding this...

For example, intelligent design proponents argue that an archaeologist who finds a statue made of stone in a field may justifiably conclude that the statue was designed, and may reasonably seek to identify its designer. The archaeologist would not, however, be justified in making the same claim based on an irregularly shaped boulder of the same size. Design proponents argue that living systems show great complexity, from which they infer that some aspects of life have been designed.

This is a very good example.
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