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Old 21st February 2017, 10:12 PM
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Default St. Paul on receiving Communion

[1 Corinthians]
{11:26} For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the death of the Lord, until he returns.
{11:27} And so, whoever eats this bread, or drinks from the cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be liable of the body and blood of the Lord.
{11:28} But let a man examine himself, and, in this way, let him eat from that bread, and drink from that cup

The bare minimum for receiving Communion is baptism and state of grace. No one can receive Communion in state of actual mortal sin.

The Pope has the authority from God to change the discipline on receiving Communion which can go at least to the bare minimum (calling it here the "Bare Minimum"). So that if a man examines himself and sincerely but mistakenly believes to be in a state of grace (a person who can be in objective mortal sin but not also in state of actual mortal sin), is worthy of receiving Communion per 1 Cor 11:28.

Example of a person who can be in state of objective mortal sin but not also in state of actual mortal sin. Adultery is intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral. A man has divorced and remarried, he sincerely believes that his first marriage was not valid (or was not a true marriage), he requests an annulment of his first marriage and, after a long process, it is not granted, he thinks that this judgment from the respective Priests is unfair, he desires the Body of Christ and decides that, in his good conscience, taking Communion is the right thing to do. This man being in state of grace, under the Bare Minimum discipline, is worthy of receiving Communion.

We are free to disagree on discipline but we are still subject under the Roman Pontiff who has the gift of truth and never-ending faith and he is also the Pilot and Helmsman of the Ark of Salvation, we don't.

Ron, please let me know if I'm missing something or if there is something else to consider.

John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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Old 21st February 2017, 10:31 PM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
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The man in your example may have a sincere but mistaken conscience, so he would then be in the state of grace. But of course he is badly mistaken. And the Church should correct him and persons who are in the same situation. Those who complain about the rules for Communion should spend time teaching the Faith, so that mistaken consciences may be corrected.
Ron Conte
Roman Catholic theologian
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