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Old 27th April 2007, 06:59 PM
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Fruitful information.

I'm a little behind but catching on.

This is my understanding, our Church was divinely founded and constituted on the Rock with the Twelve Apostles, so yes, the wind and the storm will come but it will stand until the end of this world. It was not any mere man idea so this foundation is perfect. Christ instituted it with Peter (the Pope predecessor) as the main shepherd but the Apostles (the rest of the Bishop's predecessors) are also shepherds so they are sent to preach over different parts of the world under they own disposition but always serving God, recalling that Jesus is the Head; they, as well as us, are only servants we can not become "gods" of our own. In case of any of them going away of the Truth or going astray, there are the rest of them who, with a considerate authority and serving God, can correct and rebuke the one who has gone astray and if a particular Bishop does not amend his ways, can be excomulgated. Our human nature make us go astray of the truth, we are not perfect, that's why even since its formation there was one who did go astray (Judas Iscariot) but there were the rest of the Twelve to rebuke that action; therefore, it is good that Jesus gave the authority over His Twelve servants because if one goes astray, there are eleven who can rebuke him; if there are two who go astray, there are ten who can rebuke them; but there will always be a majority in the Magisterium who will be in the right track to rebuke any Bishop or Cardinal who is going astray.

If our Church were under one man total authority, then, imagine what would happen if that particular man goes astray. Christ Himself wanted it to be this way so it is perfect. In the Acts of the Apostles we have a good understanding of how the relationship between Peter and the Apostles is. Like Ron said, the Pope is in charge of our Church but the Bishops have a limited independence from the Pope to continue teaching the Truth in his appointed location of the world, and even a Bishop can rebuke the Pope if he thinks that the Pope himself is going in some way astray like when St. Paul rebuked Peter regarding his posture over the Gentiles {Galatians 2:11-21} so this way the body of the Church remains with the Truth of the Gospel.

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