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Old 25th July 2007, 07:08 PM
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Default Pontius Pilate Award

I nominate the first annual Pontius Pilate award to former mayor of New York, Mr. Rudy Giuliani.

Mr. Giuliani has demonstrated the highest degree of professional qualities of leadership to serve man, discard his Catholic faith, while maintaining unequal support for the cultural of death. Mr. Giuliani role model and stewardship concerning the deepest welfare of the secular society has been unparallel in the continued destruction of human life, especially those, any only those, free of personal sin – the unborn. Mr. Giuliani contributes his atrocious accomplishments to the United States Constitution and his charming innocence to this righteous of man’s blood. Speaking to his 2008 target population; one must proclaim that his “see to it yourself” governing mentality supporting the cultural of death will bring unlimited political support. As a show of support, most of the USCCB denied condemnation or excommunication of this model Catholic of secular society.

Any second’s to this nomination?


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Old 12th April 2008, 10:06 PM
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Default why limit it to him..

WTC and phony war on terror, thanx to perfidy of Guiliani, every politician, civil servant, every loyal sycophant who do the bidding of their masters, I am sure in U.S alone there a several million folks in this category.

Worldwide I see triple that number of those who toe the same party line Guiliani does. Yet, it is a sad commentary of the times that these events have to unfold in order for the 2nd Coming Of Jesus to occur.

Things have to be at a level of so bad, Armageddon can be seen as a form of relief. Jesus won't come if everything is honky-dory, peachy-keen as the old saying goes.

The Apocalypse with all of its Tribulations can only occur when the entire world is seething with this abomination, so perhaps, we can thank God for helping prep for the worst, since we really ain't seen nothing yet.
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