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Old 22nd September 2007, 08:25 PM
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Default Catholic Bishops and the SIgns of the Times.

he major role of the Catholic Bishop is to preach the Word of God. I have been thinking about this and I think this means that they have a real prophetic role to lead, to inspire, to point the way ahead.

Now when I look at the Prophets in the Old Testament, I see folks who had little baggage. They were a little like the cowboys in the Wold West. Little wonder they had to bring the Word of God to folks who might turn and stone them , or beat them.

Now when I look at the Bishops today do I see this lightness, this freedom, do I see them challenging, reading the signs of the times, being stoned and persecuted? Do I see free spirited Cowboys coming into town and proclaiming the truth?

Well Pope Benedict does, certainly. He is constantly saying things to make you think, to challenge you.

But on the whole they are not lean, mean fighting machines. Not travelling cowboys, They are bureaucrats, respected, fat, esconsed in directing the flow of money and power.

Now maybe there was a time when they might have got away with this, but in the Tribulations that are coming we need, lean fighting machines. Not bets hedgers.

The Bishop's Palace on Broadway and 14th St. in Galveston, Texas

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Old 22nd September 2007, 10:16 PM
Rob Rob is offline
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I just hope God will send prophets to remind these "kings" of theirs duties before the babylonian captivity begins.
For to me, to live is Christ; and to die is gain (Phil 1:21)
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Old 27th September 2007, 04:20 AM
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Default Comfort Issue

I like the quote that reads something like we know we are doing God's work when we make the comfortable uncomfortable and the uncomfortable comfortable. Christ spent every moment of His life here doing just that and we can ask ourselves what percent of our lives do we spend doing just that?

Obviously, the comfortable mentioned are those who either ignore right from wrong, do not try to ammend or improve their lives and conduct, manipulate and abuse others or are content to carve their own commandments out of their own material and pleasure.

Seems to me that many Church leaders have slipped into the comfortable ranks or at least are so beholden to them that criticizing them a la The Baptist is a no no.
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Old 12th April 2008, 09:24 PM
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Default only time I was in direct contact with a bishop...

Like most catholics my only contact with a bishop was at Confirmation. I went to a catholic HS named after Archbishop Curley. This august family had several bishops to their fame. I never met the bishop our HS was dedicated to, he was always on the fund-raising trail.

When my family moved to Hollywood, Fla in 1950 it was a town of 10,000, now its near 200,000. We had 1 Church, the Little Flower, which also served, Dania, Hallandale, West Hollywood and other small outlying areas. I attended elementary school there.

Due to mass influx of folks, since we lived so close to Hallandale, we were made part of that parish, my folks made their dutiful donations to build up this new parish, just like many other families on the outer fringes of Hollywood, now here comes the kicker, bishop Curley had his dioceses in St. Augustine split into a 2nd bishopric and a relative named Curley took over the new Miami bishopric and he went on a building spree to accomodate this influx of folk.

More to the point, who do you think paid for this expansion? The Curley brothers with their corporate backers and political cronies, or struggling families like ours with 7 kids. I went to a HS where priests wore 2 hats, that taught HS full time and ran their parish full time as well. The Curley brothers never had personal contact with these struggling priests, many of whom were recruited straight out of Irish seminaries and sent directly to tropical heat South Florida.

Years down the line, these priests were as human as anybody else and some could handle this affrontery to their human dignity better than others. The priest who married a very close HS buddy decided the only way to deal with his bleeding ulcers was to leave the priesthood, there was no suggestion of the bishop considering a reduced work load.

Bishops like the Curleys have to account for their behavior just like Cardinals of big cities with their flamboyant political hi-profiles, who neglected the back-bone of the church which is its clergy, and the parishoners who paid for it all.
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