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Old 2nd June 2009, 01:46 PM
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I believe that all just wars are the ones that go in cooperation with God's will (or commanded by God, not by men) by following the signs of His Providence. We see in the O.T. how God commanded some wars. However, as Ron said, even in just wars there can be some individuals who commit injustices (not doing God's Will, but their own). A good sign of a just war are the results; what just wars have in common is that they bring victory, peace and happiness (with God's help).

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Old 2nd June 2009, 04:26 PM
Climacus Areopagite Climacus Areopagite is offline
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has anyone ever considered analyzing the plot to assasinate Hitler under the three fonts and just war theory? The plot was popularized in the movie 'Valkeryie' which came out around last X-mas?
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Old 2nd June 2009, 05:04 PM
Brother Brother is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
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Originally Posted by Climacus Areopagite View Post
has anyone ever considered analyzing the plot to assasinate Hitler under the three fonts and just war theory? The plot was popularized in the movie 'Valkeryie' which came out around last X-mas?

I don't think the plot to assassinate one person would be a good idea because it does not guarantee the victory of a war against something. Also, the sole idea to assassinate can become a murder (depending of the circumstances met at the crucial moment). So the plot to assassinate Hitler and the plot to assassinate one abortionist are similar.

1. Intention: to stop mass murder and oppression.

2. Killing a murderer and/or an oppressor and a threat against humanity would not be intrinsically evil.

3. Consequences: Killing one person does not guarantee wining the war or the stop of the oppression because someone else might take over the same role and continue the attack with their current power; therefore, in the case of a just war it's better to win the war overall. Also, if at the crucial moment the circumstances presents that the person can be captured, instead of killed (Ex: the individual repents or surrenders with no risks around), it's better to capture him, not kill him; otherwise, it would become a murder. Even the worst person in the world has dignity and an opportunity to be saved from Hell when his threats and risks are over.
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Old 2nd June 2009, 07:42 PM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
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1. Many persons mistakenly think that Hitler was to blame for all the evils that were done during World War II. But he could have done nothing if he did not have the support and help of very many other persons. So while I think that the plot to kill him was moral, people tend to assume that if he was killed all the evils would be gone. But in fact there were other dictators, such as Mussolini, emperor Hirohito, were also partly responsible for the war, and numerous persons under Hitler also did much evil. If he had been killed, perhaps someone else would have taken his same role. So we should not assume that killing Hitler would have overwhelmingly good consequences.

2. killing a guilty person

It is not morally permissible for an individual to kill a person guilty of a serious crime, because he would be usurping an authority not given to him. It is for the proper authorities (government; justice system) to put someone on trial and convict and punish someone guilty of a crime.

Killing abortion providers does nothing to stop abortion. We know from faith that abortion is the result of so many persons in the world committing mortal sins of every kind. If we were to kill all the abortion providers and anyone who obtained an abortion, the result would be that abortion would still continue unabated in the world, because sin would still continue. Killing does not reduce the amount of sin in the world, and so it does not reduce abortions and does not save any unborn persons.

3. Killing Hitler

Killing Hitler during his reign of terror would have been moral. But this is true for two reasons. A. Because he took the government entirley away from what is good and just and reasonable, making the government unjust and in effect betraying the people, the citizens would have a right to rise up and kill him (as the Italians eventually killed Mussolini). They no longer had recourse to the government justice system to arrest and convict him. And since government is for the common good, the people can sometimes act for the common good, when government is usurped by a dictator, without formal authority. B. Because he went to war against other nations unjustly, and was a dictator who was threatening any innocent lives in his own and in other nations, then the leaders of other nations would be justified in attempting to kill him.
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