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Old 25th February 2012, 09:21 PM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
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Default Timothy Dolan as Pope?

John Allen el al. are taking up Cardinal Dolan as a possible successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

Is the Church ready for an American pope?

The latter part of this article, by Allen, metions Cardinal Dolan:

Is it time for a Jacobin pope? Plus, musings on an American

My view is that Dolan is too young. The Cardinals do not want another John Paul II, a Pope who would reign for a long time and have much influence.

It is no longer a near certainty that the Pope will be Italian, but I think that many Cardinal would prefer a Pope from the developing world. The liberal Cardinals would like Dolan, since he is a liberal, but they also would prefer a Popes from South America or Africa.

America has perhaps too much power in the world. The choice of an American Pope would be seen as increasing that power. It also might make missionaries seem like emmisaries of the U.S., impeding their work in some nations. It simply is not practical to have a Pope from The U.S.

I know that right now, Cardinal Dolan is popular among conservative Catholics, mainly because he is leading the charge against the HHS Mandate. But he is more liberal than many Bishops and Cardinals.

He is not willing to deny Communion to pro-abortion politicians.

He would permit some homosexuals to become priests.
CNS: "Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of Milwaukee, former rector of the North American College in Rome for U.S. seminarians, said that a homosexual who exhibits none of the criteria opposed by the Vatican document and feels he may have a vocation 'shouldn't be discouraged' from becoming a seminarian."

Dolan is too liberal to obtain the votes of the conservative Cardinals. And the liberal Cardinals would prefer a Pope from the developing world. The fact that Dolan is an American is also a serious issue. So he does not really have a chance of becoming Pope.
Ron Conte
Roman Catholic theologian
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Old 27th February 2012, 05:44 AM
garabandalg garabandalg is offline
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Default Please do not tell me that HHS mandate protest is a good litmus...

standing vs. the HHS mandate being a litmus for popularity is pathetic as the long-range actions of many bishops vs. liberal policies over the past 20 years especially is pathetic. Had the bishops done their job all along, Obama would still be a community organizer and this mandate would never have happened.
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