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Old 31st January 2007, 12:08 PM
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Default Evil and All of It's Forms

I started this thread because of Hope's talking about her dreams. Although they weren't about evil, I do think dreams are significant and that certain dreams are messages from God or allowed by Him so that we 'wake' up to something in our lives we need to address.

In my lifetime I have had a handful of dreams that haunted me. Most were negative, some positive. The one I remember most at this time is the one below. It affected me for days.

My dream:
I was in a forest. I wandered into a clearing and there was a cave. I knew I must not go near or into the cave. Someone walked out.
It was a man. A truly beautiful man. Dark, handsome, charming. He smiled and I walked towards him. I wanted to be near him. He held out his hand and I reached out. He grabbed my wrist and he was so strong. Suddenly I felt a little afraid and tried to pull away. He laughed and held on tighter and then he changed. He changed into this horrible creature. Revolting and ugly.
The cave entrance began to glow red and he started to pull me. He was laughing like a maniac. He just kept laughing and dragging me closer and closer to the cave. I knew that if he was able to get me into the cave I would be lost forever and tortured horribly. I was screaming the whole time in my dream. (my mom told me I was screaming out loud in my sleep too)

In my dream state I began to pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary over and over and over and over. I knew it was the only way to escape. I knew, somehow, this ugly monster, the devil, had to let me go because he could not stand up to the power of God.

He let go and I woke still praying the Our Father and saying, "Jesus, help me, I believe in You, Jesus, help me, I believe in You."
I kept repeating it over and over as I lay there awake. I was terrified but relieved.

God Bless,
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Old 31st January 2007, 12:57 PM
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One more thing I wanted to express about the dream concerns the beauty of evil.

I desired so much the handsome man. He was inviting and caring. He exuded fire and passion.

Hope asked what was going on at the time. I don't really remember. I was a lot younger and I know I was in a myriad of mortal sins. One is bad, a myriad is lots worse!!! I was in the cesspool.

That is all I remember.

God Bless,
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Old 31st January 2007, 05:17 PM
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Default Fade, part I

Hi MarieM: So glad you started this thread--Evil In All of Its Forms. I had an experience with evil that was in a different form other than a dream. Some people might find this story interesting, but others will be bored stiff. This is about a weird experience with a Ouja board. The happenings surrounding it do not sound that scary, unless you were actually there. This account is a far cry from Excorism. We didn't see any demons or get possessed (as far as I know ), but I think that evil manifested itself that night and hung around a while.

I think it was September. Five of us were at friend’s house. I'll not use real names, so I'll just say D's parents were out of town. E, my youngest sister, was there. E, D, W and I all attended the same high school school and lived in the same neighborhood. K was from the the Catholic High School. Anyway, we were bored (which was a dangerous thing to be) and decided to play with the Ouja board.

This was nothing new. In the summer we had played with Ouja boards, played Light-As-A-Feather and held seances on a regular basis. We tried to bring back famous people from Marilyn Monroe to Adolph Hilter. We were idiots. There were a few strange occurrences during this times. We quit playing for a while, not for any intelligent reason, but only because my dog ate the Ouja board.

We got a hold of another one for the evening and we decided to have another go.

First, I'll say using Ouja boards or dabbling in the spirit realm is incredibly stupid. There is a real world beyond us that we cannot see. If you open the door between the seen and unseen, you never know who is going to come through. But we were thought that we were invincible and were sure we could handle anything that came our way.

For those who aren’t familiar with how a Ouja board works. It is a flat board with the letters of the alphabet on it and the numbers zero through nine. At the top of the board are the words, "Yes" and "No". There is an oracle, which is simply a white plastic device the size of your hand, shaped like a teardrop. There is a see-through circle in the center of the oracle. Two or more players put there hands on the oracle and it glides around the board, spelling out words by letter by letter, or by gliding to the words "Yes" or "No" and displaying them through the oracle's window.
It is not difficult to fudge the process. But we were not exactly trusting souls. WE always blindfolded each other and carefully policed the process to ensure no funny business.

Nothing much happened that night until my sister and I had our turn at the oracle. We were blindfold, then we lightly placed our fingers on it and then let the spirits do their stuff. The oracle began to glide over the board. My sister and I both attest to this day that we were not guiding the oracle in any way. The other girls began to ask it questions and it gave answers that it should not have known. K asked it what she was going to be when she grew up and it spelled out "N-U-R-S-E". She totally freaked because she had been thinking about this a long while, but had only brought it up for the first time to her mother the week before. By the way, she is a surgical nurse now, but this was the only prediction it got right.

It’s interesting, even though we were blindfolded, the oracle was able to correctly spell out occupations that we all had an interest in at the time. Looking back, the Ouja board was wrong on all accounts, except K’s career choice. Which goes to show you that demons have a wide view of history and the present, but they can see the future no more clearly than you and I.

The spirit said my sister would be a rock singer, but that was wrong. She is now in the medical profession. For me, it spelled out "m-a-n-a-g-e-r-2-D-Q". I’m not sure if DQ stood for Dairy Queen, but I've never worked at a Dairy Queen, nor have a managed one . In those days, however, I did say that I wanted to be a business manager, but I had higher aspirations than that, but whaddaya know, I'm a stay-at-home-mom. It said D would be a vet, and at the time, she wanted to work with animals. Now, she’s an OB-GYN nurse. It said W would be a housewife and a hooker. Of course, we all had a big laugh out of that one and razzed her about it. She’s still single and of questionable morals, but not that questionable.

So much for the Ouja predicting the future, but it was uncannily correct about secret things that had already taken place.

I can’t remember the other questions, but it started getting spooky knowledgable. The oracle usually moves slowly, but this time it was flying so fast that it a struggle for our friends to keep up with what it was spelling. Finally, someone asked the spirit its name. It spelled out, "F-A-D-E." And when someone asked if it was an evil spirit, it pointed to the word, "Yes." I asked it if it was allied with the devil, and it spelled out, "SONS". Yes, in the plural.

As all this was happening, I became aware of something pressing up against me. I dismissed it as imagination, until my sister said she felt like she was going to hurl. I felt the same way. But as soon as we stopped, we felt OK.

We threw the board across the room, then we ate some ice cream and played with it some more. We were mind-boggling stupid.

Two of our friends took over the oracle. We asked Fade who was the biggest threat in the room. It spelled out my sister’s name. When we asked why, it spelled out the word "r-o-s-a-r-y." E was shocked. There was no way that the girls moving the board could have known she had said a rosary with mom two weeks prior. It was news to me too. In fact, we had to explain what a rosary was to one of the girls at the oracle.

Now, here’s the part you will think I’m making up. But this is the honest truth. I was dumb enough to challenge these alleged demon brothers. I told Fade that I wasn’t scared of him or his brothers because their father was a loser and God was better than he was. Next thing I know, I hear a sizzling sound and I look down at my sweater. I kid you not, my sleeve had spontaneously burst in flame.

My friends started screaming, while my sister yelled angrily, "Hey, that’s my sweater!" Which wasn’t helpful. On my own, I managed to pat out the fire with my other hand. It made a burn-hole the size of a grapefruit, but I was unscathed. We quit playing that night, and my sister is still mad about this sweater to this very day. I guess it was her favorite. But, I digress.

I hope this is appropriate material for this site? There is more to the story, but I'll post it later.

Last edited by Hope : 12th February 2007 at 04:54 AM.
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Old 31st January 2007, 08:26 PM
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Default Fade, part II

After the incident, we talked about it a few days, then moved onto the next new thing.

About a week passed after the Ouja board incident. Around midnight, give or take an hour, I was in bed reading and listening to music, when I smelled something burning.

I tried to ignore it, figuring that it would go away, but it became stronger. I checked around my bedroom, making sure there wasn't an electrical fire or something smoldering. Everything appeared fine, but I woke up my parents anyway.

My mom and dad got up and smelled it too. My dad checked everything in the room and everyone systematically checked the entire house, but the burning smell was only in my room. My dad went up into the attic and looked around, thinking maybe the insulation was on fire. But nothing. He went to the basement and everything checked out. He looked at everything and was satisfied the house wasn’t on fire.

My sister and her boyfriend came home about that time. Both of them came into my room and smelled it too. The smoldering smell, everyone agreed, was concentrated in my room (and no, the smell wasn’t coming from me ). It had an ashy, tangy odor to it. No one could quite place the odor, but the five of us agreed it smelled like smoke tainted with something unfamiliar.

At this point, I still made no connection to Fade, but my Mom finally did (immediately after the Ouja board experience, my sister and I had told mom the story, because she was open-minded about these sorts of things). Her eyes popped and she chastised us again for messing where we shouldn't have been messing. I was a little bit scared, wondering if Fade followed me home .

My dad said poppycock and went to bed. My mom went to bed too.
After my sister’s boyfriend left, I dragged her to my room because I remembered she was the biggest threat to Fade. ANd I remembered why she was the biggest threat. She sat on the bed with me as we said a rosary together.

We heard knocking on the window and thought that her boyfriend had forgotten something, but no one was there. The knocking happened again but we were too scared to look out the window. But the longer we said the rosary, the fainter the sounds and smells became. By the time we were halfway through the rosary, the smell was completely gone. I think Mary nipped a potentially huge problem in the bud that night. Evil was trying to show its muscle. When Mary’s protection was invoked, evil fled. There was no fight, no strong words, she simply breathed and the devil melted. She is very powerful.

I didn’t want to sleep in my room after that, so I went out to the family room and watched Benji on TV. Around 4 am, Fade or no Fade, I was going to brave sleeping in my own comfortable bed. Everything seemed fine, so I forced myself not to think about the ramifications of what may have just occurred. Once I felt safe again, I convinced myself that everything was merely coincidence; still, I didn’t entirely dismiss it either. In fact, I didn’t want to entirely dismiss it. I was having a difficult time accepting that God existed, and I figured if demons were real, God would have to be real too. Maybe God worked through my stupidity so I’d hang onto Him just a little bit longer, but who knows?


Today I am wiser, and I know that God is real and the evil is real too. I already wrote too much, so I’ll be short with my commentary.

Old cliches work here, because the message is nothing knew:

1. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
2. If you play with fire you’re going to get burned.
3. Satan stinks.
4. Mother Mary is a powerful advocate. Call on her and she will save a sinner from a crisis of his or her own making.


BTW, my friend, W, had some problems afterwards too. D never did. We wouldn't see K again for 15 years and when E met with her, it didn't come up in the discussion.


Now, you probably think that I'm nuts and wish I had kept my mouth shut about this whacked out account. I must point out though, that there were several witnesses who saw me catch on fire and several witnesses, including two (my father and the boyfriend) who knew nothing of our misadventure, who smelled the burning in my room. I may be wrong about there being anything evil behind what happened, but I have recounted the actual events as truthfully as my memory allows.

Last edited by Hope : 10th February 2007 at 10:37 PM.
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Old 31st January 2007, 09:36 PM
Joey Joey is offline
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That is just plain creepy but very believable.......have you spoken to any priests concerning all of this? Have you been anointed since then, or have you gone to any healing Masses or services? I'm sure that your guardian angel is on extra patrol and the Blessed Mother has protected you with your prayers and invocations. I think that I would want to be exorcised, just in case!!! Thanks for sharing. The evil one and his gang are ever ready to pounce. And in our world, their victims multiply very easily. St. Michael, deliver us from the snares.
"Closer to You bid me, that with Your saints I may be praising Your name, forever and ever."

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Old 31st January 2007, 11:44 PM
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I ask the same as Joey. Have you spoken to a priest about this?

I do believe you, because you say it is true.

Those kind of 'games' are really bad news. I played one too, long ago. In a 'haunted' house. My friend brought me there. Our other friend lived there and she had had many strange experiences. Nothing too bad though.
We played the Ouija and I had nothing weird like that happen.

Now, I do agree, we open the door when we do these things. I will NEVER let my children play those games and I pray they won't.

Shoot, in my catholic high school I found a book in the library and did a report on it in seventh grade. The book was all about witchcraft! Can you believe it??? I am so appalled now, but, then I figured it must be ok because it was in the library!

I do think your experiences are important because they do affect you so much. Don't discount them if they affect you.

Speak to someone. Remember this though, Confession is a great cure-all and maybe you need to confess this experience. Think about it and ask someone more informed than me.

God Bless,
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Old 1st February 2007, 12:15 AM
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One more thing. Maybe this could be a new topic.

My oldest plays lots of video games. She also reads books I don't approve of.

I would like to ask if anyone knows if there are video games out there that are truly bad (spells, evil, etc.) and books targeted to youngsters that are bad.

My family makes fun of me when I bring up the subject, but, I do not allow certain books into the house and there are many games I would like to throw in the garbage.

Also, can games bring into a home bad influences?

God Bless,
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Old 1st February 2007, 12:27 AM
Rob Rob is offline
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Interesting experience. This clearly shows that deamons are real and not imagination. The best weapon against the devil is the rosary. Ever wondered why monks and nuns carry a rosary hanging from the belt rope as if it were a gun?

God bless

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Old 1st February 2007, 04:20 AM
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Default A word of caution.


You mentioned that some "predictions" from that night wth your sister and friends, appeared credible. Though they are unable to read our thoughts, evil spirits can pick up on what we verbalize and communicate that through their spiritual hierarchies. You indicated that K had spoken previously with her Mom about nursing, so...

That being said, I would strongly suggest that we resist the urge to spill the beans about such experiences. Evil spirits are prideful as well as hateful creatures and they love grabbing attention, especially if it detracts from God. They often mimic to achieve this:

Black Masses instead of Holy Masses
The sacrifice of holy innocents (abortion) in contrast to the Sacrifice of the Innocent One
Ouija boards in place of God's Word

Though it is important to acknowledge that they are real and arm ourselves accordingly, giving them a lot of print shows them too much respect and grants them undeserved attention. That is why I often address the devil as: joejerk; he simply deserves as little due consideration from me as possible!

As the words of the old hymn say:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full on his wonderful face
And the things of earth
Will grow strangely dim
In the light of his glory and grace!

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

To Hell with joejerk! St. Michael the Archangel, defend us...
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Old 1st February 2007, 05:32 AM
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I agree with you.

My own feeling or intuition is that we move on to something else.

I should perhaps not have started this thread.

It is for God's glory we are here and only He holds the keys to our hearts and souls.

I myself need to focus a lot more on His humility and pray for a lot more.
My pride gets the best of me so much of the time!

God Bless,
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