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Old 20th August 2006, 07:34 PM
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Default Hello From the Other Side?

My grandmother died of cancer many years ago. I was not there when she died and it was only a few years ago that my mother told me this part of the story.

My grandmother was in her hospital room with her daughters praying all around her bed . She was near death and had been in a coma for many days. It had been raining hard all day. But the rain suddenly stopped. A light so bright shown through the window that everyone stopped praying, shielding their eyes, marveling that the rain had stopped so abruptly and that the sun was shining brighter than they thought was possible.

Their mother suddenly sat up unassisted (which she was unable to do for weeks) and pointed, saying strongly, "Who are those two young men at the end of the bed?"

"It's just us, Mom," one of her daughter assured softly.

"No, they're right there. They're beautiful. Can't you see them?" Grandma insisted.

Grandma's face contorted into an expression of recognition, then she smiled and laid back down. She died peacefully minutes later. The light through the window was gone and it was raining again.

My mom and aunts later discussed who grandma thought she was seeing and I think they figured it out. Their brothers, Harry and Neal, died at age two years and six months. They had come from heaven to escort their mother home. This brought great comfort to my mom and aunts. My dad always scoffed at this, but I have to side with my mom on this one and I will always cherish this story. While grandma's daughters were saying their good-byes, grandma's sons were saying hello.
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Old 20th August 2006, 08:39 PM
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I used to help out in the hospice and i asked one of the nurses abouyt this sort of thing and she said its so common they don't even comment on it!!

How wonderful!!! Reminds me of what St Paul says about 'a great crowd surrounding us on every side'.
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Old 20th August 2006, 10:39 PM
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Oh, that is just the most glorious story!
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