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Old 29th January 2007, 12:30 AM
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Smile Saved By The Holy Spirit in Rome City, IN

I copied this personal story from WWW.OLTIV.ORG about a woman who was saved from her attempt at suicide by the guiding hand of The Holy Spirit who lead her to the apparition site in Rome City, IN where Our Lady of America appeared to Sr. Mildred Neuzil in 1956.

If you have read any of my other comments on this website, you will know that I consider this particular place among my most Holy of places. I cannot begin to describe how it makes me feel just driving onto the property. I hope everyone can have an opportunity to feel what it is I have felt sometime soon.

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Submitted Jan 17, 2006 @ 2:56 p.m. by E.B., Seymour, IN

I have been holding onto something for a few years now and I feel it is time that I share my story.

I was ashamed of myself for so long that I tried to keep it from everyone but now I know I have to tell about my experience with Sylvan Springs and how my life was spared by a divine intervention.

I was in a troubled marriage and I had given birth to our third child just a few months before I learned of a series of cheating episodes involving my husband and two of my friends in the neighborhood.

I was devastated and depserate. I grabbed a small handgun and drove away. At first I wanted to kill him and then myself. Then I just wanted to kill myself because I thought I was the problem.

I kept driving and went to West lafayette where I met my husband 9 years before. I thought this would be a good place and it would make him remember what he did to me forever.

I sat in a parking lot by the stadium and tried to work up the courage. I asked for forgiveness and suddenly I felt like driving again. I started driving with no particular destination in mind and a few hours later I ended up in the parking lot of this big place across from a beautiful lake in a small town called Rome City.

I sat there for quite a while. I didn't think anybody was around and after some time had passed a man came up and knocked on my window. He gave me a bottle of water and asked if he could help me. I looked at him and was about to say no but for some reason I told him I needed to talk.

He was very kind and listened to me talk about all sorts of things. I never told him what I was up to. He told me why he was there and that he thought this place was a special place and had some important work ahead of it. He talked about how much he missed his wife because of this work and that he hoped it would completed soon so he could be with her again.
We had been walking and we ended up on this big hill with the most beautiful statue on it of Jesus Mary and Joseph. That made me think about my situation and about my kids and husband and I felt I could go back and get things straightened out.

We walked back to my car and I asked the gentleman to get rid of my gun. He was so shocked when I handed it to him I thought he was going to drop. He told me he would handle it.

I had no idea where I was so he gave me directions to the highway and I was able to find my way home.
I was a long way from home. I had driven almost clear across the state.

I'm happy to say I made it home and my husband and I got back into church and our pastor has been a great counselor to us. We have been doing great and I am happy.

I got to thinking about this place and told my pastor. He told me about Our Lady of America and that I must have ended up there. This was the place for sure. I recognize it from the pictures.

I believe it was the Blessed Mother who brought me there that day. I thank God this man was there and that I was saved by the Holy Spirit.
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