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Old 14th March 2006, 01:53 AM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
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Default Miracles still happen

This is a true story.

A man whom I have met (not myself) was a devout Catholic, but he piously doubted that miracles still happen in the present time. He thought that miracles only happened in Biblical times. But because so many Christians believe in present-day miracles, he doubted his own doubts and he sincerely sought the truth. One day, while thinking over these things during holy Mass, he asked God for a sign.

He said to God: "You know that I am seeking the truth and that I will believe whatever you teach me. But I sincerely do not know if I should believe in the miracles of today, or not. So, if miracles still happen, grant to me this sign. I see my friend, Peter, sitting over there and I know that he has a speech impediment from childhood. If miracles still happen, then grant by your Almighty power that he will get up in the middle of Mass, and go up to the pulpit, and speak for five minutes straight without any impediment. And furthermore, make this woman at the pulpit stop talking, because she is boring. And do this all when I say silently, 'Amen.'

So then the man said 'Amen'. The woman stopped talking in mid sentence and she sat down. Peter got up, even though he was not scheduled to speak and it was the middle of Mass, and he went up to the pulpit and spoke for five minutes straight without any impediment.

And from that time on, the man believed in miracles and taught the same belief to his students.
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Old 30th March 2006, 06:43 PM
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I believe in miracles....

I commited the GRAVEST SIN of them all. Before I became Catholic Which was in my 30s. During my mid 20's, my husband and I seperated for 7 months. Almost got divorced. I was with a new person ( adultry) he was with a couple of girls no commitment (adultry) I found out I was pregnant, and I couldn't go through with it. I had this MAJOR GUILT it was not my husbands' child. We wanted to get back together and he knew he could never look at another mans' child.

With this being said, we both went forth and commited (murder). The worst part about this ( you say worst part??? there is more?..bare with me, for this is hard and I have only spoken aloud on this topic once and to family)

I knew it was wrong in my heart, and my gut. But, the love of my husband and having him back was way more important to me. He too, regrets any implications that may have helped in the choice I made.

Again, neither of us were really at all in the Body of Christ at all. We believe that he died for us, but that was about as far as it went ... at that time.

We did it, and I felt horrible. I carry that shame personally everyday. How could I do that after soooo many miscarriages what if that was the last chance?

Then, my husband and I got back together and times were rocky needless to say. We moved took the two kids and went to Missouri to stay with family.. that turned out to be the biggest mistake.

We decided if we were gonna make this work to go back to Florida. So, back to Delray Beach. We lived in a two bedroom no air conditioning mobile home very cheap rent. I didn't know I was pregnant again with now my husbands child. I thought and said maybe I should get checked. Found out I was. To lose it, another miscarriage and this time. It almost ended my life.
My children found me when coming in from playtime almost dead. They ran and found their dad who was out making phone calls at the front of the park. I lost 4.5 pints of blood.

Well, I got better. We immediately moved out of that trailer, I couldn't bare to live there. Within a few months after that. I was told I was pregnant again. I told no one for 5 months. I gave birth to my youngest (who will 7 in a week) now at 31.5 weeks along in pregnancy.

She had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks but is perfectly healthy, now.

For 2 years I tormented myself and even begged God to please let me have one more child.

With the miscarriage afterwards. I thought for sure I was to be punished for my sin. To this day, I turn around and look at 9 year old boys and wonder.

After I had Traci we decided to have my tubes tied. It was alot of thought. I couldn't bare going through anymore miscarriages as you could see God blessed me with Traci because I had her reallllly early.

When I turned 32 I became Catholic, after letting all my past go away. When everyone who was already Baptized had to go through reconciliation I was nervous because I thought I would have to as well and I believed in my heart the Lord and I dealt with that matter.

It was almost like the Farther knew I didn't want to say something and he leaned over and said, "You are not baptized child, you get clean soon enough" and winked and gave me a hug.

My husband who swore he would never in a million years be Catholic, nor would his children be, are all now Catholic.

Miracles happen everyday. My family is one of them.
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Old 30th March 2006, 07:09 PM
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That was very brave for you to share this. Praise God. He can bring good out of the greatest tragedy as I well know.

God bless you and your family.

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Old 30th March 2006, 08:05 PM
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I thought I should also add. It has been a total of 15 years married this year.

Even tho we made wrong choices in the past. We have stuck together through thick and thin.

We have known each other since middle school and noone thought we would ever make it this long and BE HAPPY and still IN LOVE.

Our "friends" were so cruel during our younger years... they even had bets on just how long we would be together and attempted to help destroy us.

Of course, they didn't see it that way.

We are the only ones from that time period in life that are still together with whom they started with. I am pleased and proud to say that.
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Old 1st May 2006, 02:31 AM
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The lady who told her story of adultery etc was very brave. I too led a very sinful life but became a Christian and then returned to Catholicism. Since then I have seen miracle after miracle of astounding proportions. I have 9 brothers and sisters and they all returned to Christianity. I have acquaintances that I know who have actually seen Jesus and Mary.
God (via acquaintances) has sent me stuff through the mail when I needed things. I've seen dozens of hopeless sinners convert back to God.
We are living in biblical-like times. Because sin is so great, the grace of God is in greater abundance.

amen; alleluia;
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Old 1st May 2006, 03:41 AM
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Bless you eco for telling your story, it is indeed a miracle. Your story is an inspiration that God is so merciful and your experience builds up the Kingdom. I hope you find the courage to maybe share with others who have experienced your pain, in time.
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