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Old 25th January 2011, 04:15 PM
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Default Is Jesus' story a copy of an Egyptian god?

Hi all,

I don't know if you are familiar with these allegations by some atheists.

The following is what TV host Bill Maher said in his recent anti-religious movie "Religulous":

Bill Maher: But the Jesus story wasn't original.
Man at The Holy Land Experience: How so?
Bill Maher: [an explanation appears in subtitles as The Bangles "Walk Like an Egyptian" plays] "Written in 1280 BC, The Book of the Dead describes a God, Horus... Horus is the son of the god Osiris... born to a virgin mother. He was baptized in a river by Anup the Baptizer... who was later beheaded. Like Jesus, Horus was tempted while alone in the desert... Healed the sick... The blind... Cast out demons... And walked on water... He raised Asar from the dead. 'Asar' translates to 'Lazarus'. Oh yeah, he also had 12 disciples. Yes, Horus was crucified first... And after 3 days, two women announced... Horus, the savior of humanity... had been resurrected.

The following site provides good responses to these and similar allegations regarding the comparison between Jesusí story and Horusí:

Hardly. For those unfamiliar with the Horus story, Horus is a character in Egyptian mythology, the son of the gods Isis and Osiris. There actually appear to be multiple deities named 'Horus', but the one who is the son of Isis and Osiris is the one the critics claim influenced the Jesus story. For a quick and unbiased debunking of this story, go to any search engine and find a site on Egyptian mythology and read the Horus story for yourself (I've provided some links at the bottom of the page), or check the mythology section at your local library (go ahead, I dare you!). Acharya S's book "The Christ Conspiracy" is the apparent source of this list, but the author provides evidentiary footnotes for only nine of the claims, and those footnotes frequently disagree with her own claims!

By the way, I had a discussion about this list with Acharya S, the author of the book "The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold". To view a text of our discussion, go to this site.


I also would like to add, that Jesus' story is not just 2,000 years old, He came to this world and became Flesh 2000 years ago but His story is implicitly written since the beginning of the O.T. Jesus story was already foretold thousands of years before His birth. To name a few, the story of the father sacrificing his only son is shown when Abraham was about to sacrifice his son Isaac, his son Isaac carrying the wood where he was about to be sacrificed foreshadows Jesusí Passion.

When Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, that foreshadowed Christ on the Cross [John 3:14]

Also, prophets of the O.T. foretold Jesus entrance to Jerusalem on a donkey, the betrayal of one of His Apostles and His Crucifixion thousands of years before that happened. Therefore, Jesus story is not a copy of any pagan god.

Also, the allegations include that the god Horus was also "baptized" and "crucified", these are more falsehoods. First, in the Egyptian mythology, Horus was not either baptized or crucified. Also, there was no "baptism" before the time John called the people to repent and be baptized. "Crucifixion" as we know it was a death penalty method used exclusively by the Romans at Jesus' time period which is historically proven to be true and there were many people who were witnesses of this fact, so this was not a made up or copy story. There was no "crucifixion" method used by any government type used to kill criminals years before the Roman empire or in other places of the world, not even similar to the way the Romans did.

Finally, one can individually prove and be a witness that Jesus has risen by asking God and being faithful to Him.
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