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Old 21st May 2014, 03:59 PM
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Default Two Questions:

1) Can we scientifically prove that there is a God? Yes.

2) Can we scientifically prove that there is no God? No.

It is scientifically proven that all matter is not eternal, had a beginning and matter 'dies'. The Cosmos, the sun, the stars, the planets, plants, you and me, all physical things had a beginning, so we are not eternal. It is scientifically proven that something cannot come out of nothing. 0 + 0 x 0 = 0. One hundred blind men cannot see better than one blind man. A year before you were born you were nothing, but you are something now because of your parents, and the same thing happened to your parents, and to your grandparents, etc. We are contingent creatures, meaning we depend on something else to be created and to exist.

But some may say, all was created by the laws of evolution, ok, but who created those laws?.... to be a law, has to be a Lawer! otherwise, there is no law. A million of 0's will never get to the unit, so something has to be the Originator of all, including nature's laws, and that creator is what we call God. A God Who is eternal, nobody created Him because He is the first cause of all creation. If "something" created him, then, he is not God, because he would be the second cause and he had a starting point of existence like you and me. God is that "Something" that created, the One who is not contingent, does not depend of something else, the creator of all things.

God is out of time and space. Time is the duration of movement, and space is what things occupy. If there are not material things, time and space does not exist. Einstein said: "If we could make disappear all matter, space and time will disappear with it" (BENITO ORIHUEL: En el principio creó Dios..., II, 4, note 7. Ed. EIUNSA. Madrid.). Therefore, the One Who created and originated all things is eternal and is what we call God.

We don't need to "see" God in order to conclude that there is a God. You haven't seen me, yet you believe that there is a person who has typed all of this. You don't believe that, since you don't see me, these words have come out of nothing, or that is was a monkey that has thought and coordinated all these words, punctuations and commas, and has typed all of this in front of a computer, do you? Well, there is more possibility that a monkey may have typed all of this, than all these letters may have come put together out of nothing, by mere chance. Guess what happened, no, it wasn't out of nothing, it wasn't a monkey, it was an intelligent enough being, a person (me), who has typed all of this.

After realizing how the universe, the cosmos is well coordinated, that our planet is at the right distance from the sun to give us life, that thanks to a huge planet called Neptune which protect us from dangerous asteroids, we can live here on earth, that everything is so coordinated that the mechanism of a watch is put to shame, how our planet is well structured, the plants that give us oxygen, and all these things are not eternal, but that had a starting point which was originated from something else, (since "nothing" cannot make up to "something" because nothing plus nothing equals nothing), we realize that there is a Higher Intelligence, an Originator of all formation.

These are just a few words, if you have any more thoughts to share, feel free to do so.
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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