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Old 19th March 2014, 04:32 PM
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Default Science historians critique new 'Cosmos' series

This "Cosmos" series is a remake of a TV show of the same name done in the 80's, it has started with many expectations in secular society. The Pilot (or first) episode even started with an introduction by President Obama, and this show can be seen on network TV and on demand in Cable. I have to mention that one of the producers of this series is Seth MacFarlane who has mocked the person of Jesus Christ in episodes of his cartoon TV series "Family Guy".

Having said that, I have watched the first two episodes of this 'scientific based TV series'.

It had interesting parts, the production, design, etc., is first class. The concept of the show is basically about a scientific (Neil deGrasse Tyson) who hosts the Show in an imaginary ship which goes anywhere he wants to present us a scientific issue. The first episode talked about the origin of earth, it admits that Science has not discovered how live has started and that it is still a 'mystery'. It also talked about the "Big Bang Theory", how the universe, the stars, our planets, and we are well related. The second episode went futher with the "Theory of Evolution". I particularly agree with many of what have been said on that regard (apart of the facts of our Faith, of course).

There was a part which caught my attention and it's when it said:

"The Cosmos Calendar begins on January 1st (the birth of our Universe), it contains everything that has happened since then up to now which on this Calendar it ends midnight, December 31st. On this scale, every month represents about a billion years and every day represents nearly 40 million years. - January 1st would have been the Big Bang".

Now, if we take in consideration this 'SCIENTIFIC' formula, and taking in mind that our history has not ended yet, this favors that the "days" written about the creation of our world in the book of Genesis are figurative and that those "days" are just periods of millions of years, and that by the end of our current Earth (Judgment Day), more millions of years would be added to just "one day".

Not forgetting also of what St. Peter has said: "with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like one day". (2 Peter 3:8 ) which is also figuratively speaking.

However, there was a cartoon segment of the program which showed our Church as the "bad guys" (literally evil looking guys - resembling monks, priest and even Bishops or the Pope himself) relating the story of Giordano Bruno, which, in short, it said that "he was burned by the Inquisition for believing that the sun and the planets does not revolve around the Earth but that the planets revolve around the sun". Then it was said that his position was a wild guess without proof which turned out to be right (unlike Galileo who had proof using his telescope), but still implies that he shouldn't have been burned for that reason.

I still plan to watch the following episodes to learn more about the scientific advances and discoveries, and there might be some things that we can learn apart of what they say against our Faith and depending on how the show goes.
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26

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Old 19th March 2014, 09:59 PM
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Join Date: Apr 2007
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Here is a good article on the subject by Fr. Barron:

By the way, Giordano Bruno is not considered a scientist by many specialized people and the show did not do a good research about his story, unless this was, in fact, an anti-Catholic propaganda.
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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