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Old 30th May 2014, 05:14 PM
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Default Priesthood and abuse scandal:

The data showed that since 2004, the Vatican had received some 3,400 cases, had defrocked 848 priests and sanctioned another 2,572 to lesser penalties.

There are over 410,000 Catholic priests around the world, according to the Catholic News Service.

According to this news report, there are about 848 molesting priests (counted since 2004) out of 410,000 priests in the world.

I decided to do the math, and that is the 0.21%!

Now, that is since 2004 (one decade), let's say this percentage has stayed the same for the last 6 decades out of the same number of priests, that will make it 1.26%!

This shows how the secular press focuses a lot to give news about a very small number of priests who do evil, but does not give news about the huge majority of priests who do good. When priests give shelter to homeless people, help the sick, the poor, or even die for the good of others, that is regularly not news, maybe because that happens every day? but when there are bad priests, that is news everywhere and make it look as if "all" or the vast majority are evil.

Now, what these particular priests, the molesters, have done is very wrong and we should pray for them so they repent before they die. Since we are all sinners, there are bad people everywhere, in every organization there are people who do wrong. Out of the 12 Apostles, there was 1 'Judas', now, you can do the math what that would make it out of 410,000 priests. But the point is that there are still a lot of priests, the huge majority who do good and stay faithful to their vocation.

Also, the majority of molestors are not priests, there are a lot of lay people who have molested minors, or done major crimes.
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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