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Old 3rd May 2011, 10:41 PM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
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Originally Posted by TheGiftOfLife View Post
One can have an opinion of whom one "thinks" might be in hell, but the Church has never declared anyone in hell (even Judas) therefore no one should - Simple!

Jesus taught that the way to Hell is wide, and many take it.
He described the rich man as being in Hell.
He said that many persons from Capernaum were going to Hell.

The Church can only teach from Divine Revelation and natural law. So even a judgment that a person is a Saint is not a teaching, but a judgment.

But my statement about UBL is not based Divine revelation, but on the known facts about his crimes and life.

It is not true that if the Church does not make a statement, we cannot. If the Church does not take a side in an election, we still may do so. The Church does not make every decision for us, or tell us what to believe in every case. We can use our own judgment and draw our own conclusions in various cases.

So it does not follow from the lack of a statement by the Church, that we cannot make a statement. Nor does it follow from the lack of a statement from the Church, that my statement is against Church teaching.
Ron Conte
Roman Catholic theologian
Old 3rd May 2011, 11:53 PM
imperial imperial is offline
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The word hell scares me; Jesus spoke of hell so many times I do have to wonder why so many people think hell is just about empty other than Hitler, Stalin and Judas
It is extraordinary to think that only a dozen souls or so are in hell.
Most saints throughout history that have been given visions of hell state there are countless souls in hell. The Virgin Mary our mother told the children of Fatima "Pray, pray very much, and make sacrifices for sinners; for many souls go to hell.
Medjugorje Vicka: “We saw many people in hell.
As Brother said we always pray for the world, sinners and holy souls in purgatory, that is our love towards our neighbor, but we must realize not all will be saved, [free will] and will continue to live by the sword.
Old 4th May 2011, 05:17 PM
garabandalg garabandalg is offline
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Default My view

I do not think that it is for any of us to judge if someone is or is not in hell, but we can say that, given what said person did, if they did not repent they are probably in hell and leave the rest to God.

I think we are all closer to hell than we would like to be and it makes us feel better to start talking about who is and who is not there since it puts hell "over there" and I do not mean Europe ( as in WWI days).
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