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Old 19th May 2007, 12:52 PM
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Default Our's Lady's Response to Legalized Abortion in Mexico

Our Lady's Response to Legalized Abortion in Mexico.

We know that on April 24th, very sadly the Municipal Council of Mexico legalized abortion. Mexico was one of the few remaining countries where abortion was still illegal up to now. Something extraordinary then happened:

In the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, the "Tilma" of Juan Diego is on display for all to see. It serves as a reminder of how the Blessed Mother miraculously converted thousands of Aztec Indians in the 16th Century through her image imprinted on the Tilma. Today, through the same Tilma, it seems that the Blessed Mother wants to speak to us again, quietly expressing her reaction to abortion.

The same day abortion was legalized in Mexico, after a mass offered for unborn children, a very intense light appeared suddenly on the Tilma. At the level of the womb, the light appeared like a shiny halo, in the shape of an embryo. Experts have testified that it is not a reflection or something added, rather it comes from the Tilma and is in the exact location of a woman's womb. Witnesses were able to take photographs and even to film the phenomenon that went on for a full hour.

Father Luis Matos (from the Beatitudes Community) tells us:

"The engineer Luis Girault who studied one of the pictures that was taken of the light, has confirmed the authenticity of the proof and was able to specify that the proof had not been modified, nor altered with the superposition of another picture for example. He has discovered that the image is not the result of a reflection, but literally comes from the inside of the image of Our Lady. The resulting light is very white, pure and intense, different from the glow coming from the flash of a camera. This light is surrounded by a halo and seems to be floating inside the abdomen of Our Lady. This halo has the shape and proportion of an embryo. If one is to examine this picture even more closely by turning it on a sagittal plane, it is then possible to distinguish inside the halo certain shadowy areas with the characteristics of a human embryo inside the maternal womb."

Children of Medjugorje 2007
Permission is given to spread the text of these reports under two conditions:
1) No words are changed, 2) "Children of Medjugorje" is cited along with our website or our email address
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Old 19th May 2007, 10:43 PM
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Default Awesome Article.

This is quite the warning from God, and hopefully will jolt the Mexico City politicians into reconsidering their recent action. If it doen't have a significant impact, then the need for a Day of Repentance is only made more certain!

Thanks Cecil!

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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Old 20th May 2007, 12:32 AM
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The road, once crossed is very hard to return. Our prayers and the call to repentance may cause many to change, I agree.

The picture clarity is not great but clearly shows the light, click image to enlarge

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Old 31st May 2007, 01:59 PM
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Default Abortion may be the ultimate evil

The devil detests innocence, and what is evil if not the rejection of holiness and innocence? Abortion is a replication of Herod's sin magnified, because he murdered the innocent to grasp his pathetic throne while in abortion the innocent are murdered by doctors sworn to heal and at the request of mothers either too confused and desperate to realize what they are doing or too selfish to care.
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