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Old 2nd April 2012, 08:34 AM
feyfifer feyfifer is offline
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Default One morning on the Afghan border....

Recently along the Afghan-Pak border, a top operative of the Al Qaida, Ali Reza, was vaporised from his sandals, -(as he was drawing a bead on stout Christian soliders of the NATO), by an incoming missile, from a drone.
He was taken to the afterworld, a sorting of reception area where ole Nick attended his favoured new arrivals in person. Being Nick, he decided to yank the poor fellow's chain and dressed up as a mullah, pared down his horns and fangs, and wrapped a towel about his head,..and grew a beard. When Ali Reza woke up, he goes
"Salaam ali kum, Huzzoor!"
"Ali kum salaam.." goes Nick.
"Woof . . . that packed quite a wallop!..anyway I'm done with all THAT!..where are my promised virgins?"
"Well, thaaaat...IS.... the door to Heaven and there ARE virgins there,...but I wouldnt..!"
"SHUSH!,..enough talking, I'm collecting!"

Ali Reza dashes through the door to find five robust Irish nuns armed to the teeth with AK47's and RPGs, posted by St Peter to guard heaven's gate from terrorist attacks...and firing!!!

"Aiiiyee Aiiyee.." screams Ali,rushing out again, clutching his bottom...."All lies! all lies!..That's Christian Heaven! can there be a Christian heaven?!?..they said there was only tugluk heaven?"
Ole Nick goes..."a bit farther down the road ol chappie.. climate controlled for your neck of the woods..!"
"Chee chee chee...even the number of virgins was a lie..they disticntly said 7!"
"Well, actually the other two are in a bivouac nearby, manning the drone that brought you here!!!
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