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Old 27th August 2007, 03:23 PM
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Our Blessed Mother, Mother of God, I believe is speaking for the Son of Man, all Man. It is interesting to note that our Lord refers to himself as the The Son of Man. Ron is the most capable concerning the message importance of what “too late’ may mean. However, IMHO we never know how much time we as individuals have in this world. Although many speak of the end times, I believe that my “end of the world” comes when I die. At that moment, I will undergo my particular judgment, one that cannot be altered. So from that point of view, the end time comes daily for many throughout the world.

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Old 27th August 2007, 09:12 PM
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Default Well said.


In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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Old 2nd September 2007, 08:27 PM
garabandalg garabandalg is offline
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Default Important to recall what Mary does not say as much as what She says

I believe that it is very important to read accepted and true apparition messages of Our Lady ( as in Fatima and Lourdes, for example) and be wary of expressions or words She has never used in such messages. I find many of the false seers Ron mentions have Mary speaking as if she was a contemporary of this society, using expressions such as 'broken record" etc.

I do not recall Mary ever using the word "atheist". If I am mistaken, I apologize, but it seems to me that although She is infinately more qualified to judge and evaluate our performance with regards to God and Christ than we are, She is not fond of putting labels on people which imply no redemption, reconciliation or ability to return to God's grace. This does not mean that She sugarcoats sin or winks at sinners. Rather, I think She balances stern calls with loving, merciful and motherly love.
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Old 3rd September 2007, 09:23 AM
Love The Fisherman
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I have considered this message some more and now I am of the opinion that when Mary said:

"And you who are far from God's mercy, convert so that God may not become deaf to your prayers and that it may not be too late for you"

that She is referring to Consecrated Souls. Those who have put their 'hands to the plough' and turned back. Those who honour God with their lips but whose hearts are far from Him. Who else could be 'far from God's mercy'?
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Old 3rd September 2007, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Love The Fisherman View Post
Those who honour God with their lips but whose hearts are far from Him. Who else could be 'far from God's mercy'?

most Christians...

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