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Old 17th December 2007, 04:05 PM
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Default CPR- Joseph Januszkiewicz Marlboro, New Jersey - 1989

This alleged apparition is FALSE. This is one of those small claims focused more on “signs and wonders" without any special message, and if there is a message, it is usually one of those claims of the imminent coming of Christ.

-False signs

“In April of 1992, Our Lady said that her Son would take care of it - the sign would be very clear. In May, 1993 Our Lady said the sign would be soon and that Fr. Rooney would be the first to see it.
On April 10, 1994 Fr. Rooney was celebrating Mass at a church in Yardville, New Jersey. When he raised the host and spoke the words of consecration, a reddish-brown liquid flowed out of the Eucharist. This event was observed by a number of people present and the Host itself was photographed shortly afterwards for documentation purposes. Fr. Rooney placed the "bleeding" Host on the dish and consumed another Host that was unaffected. After Mass, the Host was placed in the tabernacle until the local bishop, Bishop Reiss, could decide what steps to take.
The host was subsequently evaluated, by non-invasive examination, by two medical doctors. The doctors concluded that there was no obvious scientific explanation for the material's appearance. The material came from inside the host and had the external characteristics of human blood. The Host was later removed to the office of the bishop in the Trenton Diocese. Father Rooney passed away a few weeks later, on July 16, 1994 - the feastday of Our Lady of Mount Carmel!”

The miracle is said to occur "soon", yet this is a vague statement. First "Mary" on april 1992 says that a sign would occur, a year later, may 1993, she adds that it will occur "soon", then we are told that the alleged miracle occurs in 1994, a year later, does it look like "soon" to you?
This is unlike a typical eucharistic miracle, such as the one at Lanciano, where the host becomes flesh. Here instead we get a descripton of a “bleeding” host and a reddish-brown liquid flowing from it, yet such miracle does not show anything. It looks very much like the false miracles of Julia Kim or other where we get bleeding hosts, such signs are usually the work of fallen angels.

-Absurd Visions

At 9:13 P.M., Januszkiewicz looked up in the sky as if something were flying toward him, dropped to his knees, and began having a conversation with an invisible and completely inaudible (to everyone else) Virgin Mary. Later, he claimed that Mary had been accompanied by an invisible and inaudible St. Joseph, who was wearing "a cut-off shirt, short pants, and a wide belt."

Saints in apparitions do not wear pants or modern clothes, they wear long robes which are an outward sign of their role and their spiritual beatitude. Even tough angels for examples, do not wear clothes, they appear dressed in long robes to show their angelic and spiritual nature. Humans in heaven are said to be more like angels so they would appear to us dressed in a similar manner. Women and man dress differently and sometimes they would appear with a distinctive sign, for example a cross, a staff a sword. In every true vision Saint Joseph appears dressed in a long robe perhaps with his wooden staff, yet in this vision we are told he appeared dressed in a cut-off shirt and short pants. Such dresses are not modest and certainly that is not what a humble man, like Saint Joseph would wear. We are told not to wear shorts in church, why would then Saint Joseph wear shorts?

-False messages

Earlier this week, apparently with the Bishop's consent, Mr. Januszkiewicz released his account of messages that he said his vision gave to him.

In versions printed today in The Asbury Park Press, the messages exhorted parishioners to foster peace and prepare for the imminent coming of Christ, while chiding priests for straying from church guidance.
However, Bishop Reiss forbade Mr. Januszkiewicz to make public any further communications he was said to receive from his visions.
In making his finding, Bishop Reiss relied on guidelines laid down by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, whose rules include testing whether messages received in visions are consistent with teachings of the Church. The Bishop found nothing in Mr. Januszkiewicz's diary of the Virgin's purported messages to offend Church doctrine.

Here the visionary claims an imminent coming of Christ, which is untrue, since there are many events which must occur before His coming. It’s typical of false apparitions to make such claims to attract attention, actually almost every false apparition makes this claim. There is no exortation to holiness, and if there is some exortation is a plain reference to the faith; nothing else apart from false signs, absurd visions and false messages.
For to me, to live is Christ; and to die is gain (Phil 1:21)

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Old 17th December 2007, 09:32 PM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
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In my opinion, there is not enough information on this one. It has some indicators of false private revelation, but I'd like to read the messages to be more certain.

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