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Old 2nd July 2013, 09:44 AM
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Red face It is NOT!...absolutely NOT! colour!

A sailor falls overboard during a storm, and he struggles to stay afloat. Just as the last reserves of energy fail him, and he starts to sink, he feels two dolphins lift him up and carry him to shore as he passes out from exhaustion.
He wakes up on a beach of a deserted island, and he hears voices. Searching the nearby area he sees no one, but finally notices the two dolphins in the water nearby and the voices are theirs. He calls out to them.... Thank You! They answer back.. Your welcome! Totally amazed, he tells them.. How can I ever repay you for saving my life?
The Dolphins reply: " We are the Everlasting Dolphins of the sea, our purpose is to save lives and protect the oceans. But you could repay with a small favor, in the center of this island, atop the rocky hill lies a nest of gulls. We really enjoy eating these gulls, but can never get them."
The sailor tells them: "Then I will get some for you... no sweat!"
The Dolphins warn him: "Be advised that a circle of sleeping lions protect this hill and if you were to awaken just one, you will surely be eaten!"
"I owe you my life, so I accept this challenge" the sailor responds and leaves the dolphins and heads to the hill. After hours struggling through the dense jungle he finally sees the hill, and sure enough, there are the sleeping lions. As quietly and as with as much stealth he could he tip toes through the lions, and clears the last one and begins his climb up the hill. Once atop the hill he spots the nest and sees the little gulls inside. Pocketing the two largest, he begins the descent back down the hill.
As before, he carefully sneaks through the line of lions, but upon reaching the very last one, the gulls in his pocket begin to squeal and squawk and wakes the last lion and the sailor is gruesomely devoured by the surrounding lions. The morale of the story:

Sailors shouldn't take young gulls across sedate lions for immortal porpoises.
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